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5 Tips for Creating an Effective Website

, With more than 75% of all Americans online, building an effective website has never been more important. When outlining your website development, you must be strategic in your use of content, images, links. Today’s video presents 5 tips to get you well on your way to implementing an effective web development strategy for your business.

Trust Informatics Inc. to help you create the perfect website for you. We’ve won nine straight “Best Web Developer” awards in the Cedar Rapids market, and are ready & willing to help you! In this video, Maureen Kler Osako, Partner and vice-president at Informatics runs down The Top 5 Tips for Creating an Effective Website:

Know Your Audience
Having Great Content
Fast Loading Pages
Focus on Usability
Make Sure Your Site is Interactive

Video produced at Informatics Studios in Cedar Rapids, IA.
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