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JavaScript Developer Interview, tips & tricks: #3.4 the funny Cats (the Good Parts of the Frontend)

, Hi! Let’s talk today about the JavaScript technical interview, collections of javascript interview questions and my tips about the interview preparation.

In my opinion, attending the interviews at least once a year is a good idea. It keeps you sharp and gives information about nowadays requirements in the industry. However, recruiters’ questions sometimes confound so I prefer sharping my axe beforehand. You can adopt my answers for yourself. Because Luck Is What Happens When Preparation Meets Opportunity.

How to Rock Your Next Software Developer Interview?
How to Win the Coding Interview?
The list of JavaScript questions for a technical interview with answers. I think the questions are intended for Junior or Middle level developers.
“21 Essential JavaScript Interview Questions” consists of several tricky JavaScript questions with the comprehensive and detailed explanations. I think this list ought to be interesting for Senior level developers.

I propose you for your consideration a couple of typical questions which I was asked during almost every interview. When I’m personally conducting an interview I also use these questions.

What’s the purpose of a job interview? It lies in a building your career network, because our connections do matter.
They help you to build your future and your career. Even if you fail you get one more connection that might be valuable. Of course, it depends on your skills, how efficiently you can use this network.

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