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Web Development Project Ideas for Beginners | Building beginner projects in Javascript

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Time Links:
Intro – 0:00
First Websites – 1:51
Starting with Javascript – 2:39
Menu Maker – 3:40
Bootstrap – 4:16
Full Stack App – 4:44
Restaurant – 5:17
Free Code Camp – 5:50
Jennifer DeWalt – 6:10
How to build a project – 6:38
Free APIs – 7:34
Advice – 7:55
Google – 9:08
Stackoverflow – 9:57

When you are learning web development, or a beginner to software development in general, you need to be building and working on personal projects to be able to better understand what you are learning and have some great things to talk about during job interview so this video is a collection of web development project ideas for beginners.

Obviously when you are beginning to learn web development, you will not have all the knowledge about how to build a project or even have a good idea for a website to develop or a nice idea for a project, but as your skills grow it does get easier with time and coming up with ideas for web development projects also gets a lot easier. Suddenly you’ll start seeing everything as a project or how you can make a website or web app for this or that and keep building a list of web development project ideas.

In this video, I outline and talk about some of the web development project ideas for beginners that I have worked on and completed on my journey from not knowing anything about web development to getting hired as a developer.

How to build projects – a basic break down:
Find problems you are having and look at solving them.
Write out UI and pseudocode on a piece of paper before you start coding.
Work with free APIs to practice working with data.
Be flexible and take criticism constructively.
How to use Google to find the answer to an issue.
Engage with Stack Overflow.

I have listed a number of web development project ideas I have built myself, so please feel free to use them and build on them:
Lotto Number Generator
Simulate Dice Rolling
Rock Paper Scissors vs the computer
What’s the weather where you are?
ToDo list (with server & database)
A random password generator
A website for a local business or restaurant
A 3 page website for a travel website
A personal portfolio website
Ask your family and friends for ideas of what they would like to see?

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